Not Too Late: Book Review

Not Too Late: Changing the Climate Story from Despair to Possibility edited by Rebecca Solnit and Thelma Young Lutunatabua is an anthology of essays, stories, articles, and lists assembled to pivot the climate story away from despair … Read more

Review of Once a Braided River by Barbara Bernstein and Atomic Bamboozle by Jan Haaken

These two important documentaries, although different, are very connected in their opposition to industries that do not care about the health of the people or planet we live on. Once a Braided River by Barbara … Read more

Climate Crisis: Looking at the Bigger Picture

Nakate talks about her own story of becoming an activist in a country where protesting could lead to her arrest. She highlights the moment at the World Economic Forum in Davos where she, the only activist from Africa, and the only Black activist, was cropped out of a photo of youth climate activists