Tell City Council to “Break Up with Zenith”!

💞Break out your pink and red construction paper! 💞
💞It’s Time to Make Valentines!💞

Since 2018, Zenith Energy’s Northwest Portland oil terminal has been unloading crude oil from trains, storing it in tanks and then sending it through pipes onto ships bound for the Pacific. Zenith operates under permits issued when the property was owned and run as an asphalt plant many years ago. They have been relying on regulatory loopholes to continue operating and even increase their capacity, despite a 2016 Portland ordinance prohibiting the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure and a 2015 City Council resolution opposing oil train traffic.

At every turn, hundreds of concerned citizens have opposed Zenith, but haven’t yet been able to stop this dirty, dangerous, climate-killing operation. But this Spring, some permit renewals are due and the City of Portland has an opportunity to weigh in and possibly stop Zenith!

However, we have three new City Council members who may not yet be fully informed about Zenith. And commissioners who were persuaded to oppose Zenith in the past need to know how much we still care.

So let’s wish the Portland City Council a Happy Valentines Day!

We want them to know we strongly oppose Zenith, and that we’ll “love” them…if they help us stop this climate-busting operation, which threatens the safety of our neighborhoods, future generations, and life in the lower Columbia River Basin.

💞 Let’s pile the office desks at City Hall high with Valentines! 💞

Here are some ideas for messages, but feel free to come up with your own! If you make something cool, send it our way or post to social media with the hashtag #BreakUpWithZenith!


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