Take Action: DEQ Has a New Director. Contact Her!


The Department of Environmental Quality holds the power to grant or deny an air quality permit, or as DEQ calls it, “air contaminant discharge permit” to Zenith Energy. As discussed thoroughly in “Rumble on the River” forums (more of those coming soon), and as experienced by those who have gotten headaches just from standing next to Zenith’s train offloading platforms, Zenith pollutes Portland’s airshed. DEQ denied this permit previously, and for years now, Zenith has been running with a permit for an asphalt business on the site. Find out more  here: 

Zenith is still in violation of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan and pollution from open venting of toxic gasses is still happening.

A new DEQ director has been selected: Leah Feldon, the previous Interim Director with 16 years of experience at the state agency. In 2016, she served as Special Advisor to the Director for Cleaner Air Oregon. In her statement on February 10, Feldon declared:

“It will require constant vigilance to protect those assets [Oregon’s beauty and natural resources] for all people of Oregon, no matter their background or where they live, as well as for future generations.”

We in XRPDX couldn’t agree more. That vigilance has been sadly lacking, as Zenith Energy has increased its throughput of toxic tar sands diluted bitumen and shale oil to its export facility in the CEI Hub, which was supposed to be for regional (non-export) uses. Call Director Feldon at 503-229-5696 with this message: Zenith’s permit should be denied. And/or fill out the DEQ form to register your concern; select Permits: Air Quality under “Category”:

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